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Niceville Computer Repair

Our Niceville Computer Repair Shop is the best solution to give you and your business the competitive edge in the marketplace to help increase productivity and profits.

CTS Computer Tech Support has the experience, cutting-edge solutions, and a history of quality customer service.

We implement solutions every day that support your changing needs allowing your network to grow into the future. Computers can be a very challenging pieces of technology to comprehend. It is especially difficult and frustrating when your computer breaks down and you have no idea how to fix it or not knowing what actually happened to cause the problem.

We are a Niceville computer repair shop that also specializes in custom built computers with the best equipment and parts. We fully warranty our computers for one full year. Because we buy retail parts instead of OEM parts, generally most parts in the computer exceed the one year warranty time frame. Intel and AMD warranties both their processors for up to 3 years. Hard drive manufactures warranty their retail hard drives from two to five years.

There are many advantages to custom and quality built computers specifically designed to meet your  home and business needs.

Our Services

  • Computer Repair, Upgrade and Full Installation, Computer Sales
  • Build Home and Business Computers
  • On-Site or Carry-In Services
  • Hardware and Software Upgrades
  • Full Service on Desktop/Notebooks & Laptops
  • Web Design And Multimedia Services
  • Emergency Data Recovery – Hard Drive Information Recovery
  • Online Hardware and Software Sales
  • Intranet / Internet / Local Area Networks / Wan Solutions
  • Malware, Virus and Spyware Removal
  • Data Backup and Data Imaging Solutions
  • Cyber Threat Solution Services

All the products we sell on our website are secure to purchase and we only recommend products that we believe work in the best interest of our customers. You will find various security software sold on our website because we believe they have the right features loaded within their products that effectively increase the performance of your computer.

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