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Cloud data sharing concept
Cloud data sharing concept

Data Backup in Destin, FL

Whether you manage a business or simply have a lot of important information stored on your computer, protecting your critical data is essential. After all, computers can crash without warning, and if you don’t have a backup in place, you could wind up with a lot of missing information on your hands. At CTS Computer Tech Support in Destin, FL, we offer reliable data backup services for individuals and businesses alike.

Protect Your Data, Protect Yourself

At CTS Computer Tech Support, our philosophy is that you never know when your data might get compromised. From equipment-related failures to employee breaches, there are so many variables that could result in your data getting lost forever if it’s not properly backed up. That’s why we go out of our way to provide affordable, dependable data backup services.

Keep your critical data safe for the long haul. Call us today for more information about our data backup services.

An online backup service that allows you to backup your valuable computer data over the Internet. Data Backup Solutions automates the process of backing up your data offsite.

Backups begin automatically and your data is sent to and stored in two redundant storage facilities located hundreds of miles apart. Your data is encrypted, and always remains encrypted using a unique 256 bit encryption key that only you have. Moreover, you can restore your files as often as you need to and at any time day or night, in as easy as a few clicks of your mouse.

Whether your computers store data for your business such as customer records or personal data such as digital pictures of your family, protecting your data from the unexpected is vital. With Data Backup Solutions, once you set up your backups, they run automatically. Your files are packaged, encrypted and then sent to two redundant storage facilities, where they wait for you to restore them if the need arises.

Data Backup Solutions contains many impressive features that not only make the process of backing up easy and safe, but also let you manage what to backup and how much data to store. By now, you probably understand the importance of protecting your data.

While virus software, firewalls, and other security measures are all a vital component of proper computer and network maintenance, the only way to ensure that your data will always be safe, is to back it up.

Backups are generally not automatic and even more importantly, someone has to physically transfer the media offsite where it must be stored in a safe place. Fortunately, Internet technology has now allowed a vastly superior method of backing up: Online backup or Cloud based backup solutions.