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Refurbished Computers

Our Refurbished computers are Grade A quality, Fully inspected, Fully licensed and warranted. All our refurbished computers come with solid state drives and many come with m.2 NVME class Solid State Drives. All computers can be customized to meet your needs or goals.

New Computers

Desktops computers run faster and are more powerful than laptops computers. If an integrated component breaks on your laptop computer your in trouble because the component cannot be replaced and a new motherboard will need to be replaced which is not cost effective

We build computers to match your needs or demands

Personal – Office – High End Entertainment – Game Computers

Free Estimates Provided

Home or Business Computers (designed for your specific needs and demands)

Game Machines (Roaring sound, Outstanding Video and more)

Internet Computer (Simple computers for browsing and e-mail) (Cost Effective)

MP3 or Enhanced Audio (Media Centers) (Music, Videos, Pictures and Television)

Top of the line (Best Parts and Equipment – These cannot be found in any store)

Why build a custom computer?

  • Choices on installed software and hardware that exactly matches your needs and use
  • Customized cases in different colors designs and modifications
  • Top brand hardware devices with excellent warranties
  • Easy to upgrade in the future – far less expensive than replacing with a new system
  • Nobody has one like it! Your design is different
  • Full size cases and motherboards with ample expansion capabilities
  • Sure they are a little more than the average computer but then I would gladly allow
  • you to compare and there is no doubt that the little extra paid is far exceeded by the quality of the product.

Questions feel free to Contact us and we will gladly answer them

  • Custom Computers
  • Home or Business Computers
  • Game Machines

Top of the line new computers can be built to your specification. You can chose the colors, hardware, software, monitors, types of keyboard or mouse, video card, audio card, types of hard drives and much more…

Computers can be built to match your needs from a stable business or home computer to a high game machine with blistering speed and performance. You can customize cases with air brushing, neon lights, Multi colored fans. There is a lot to chose from.

We use full size motherboards which still have room to grow with technology. We use certified hardware components that have currently passed Microsoft’s strict standards.

Our machines are built and registered in your name, We provide a full copy of the Windows operating disk and licensing. We provide one year of spyware and anti virus protection unlike the trial version provided by many manufacturers. We will deliver and set up your machine in you local home or business (extra charge for in home setup) in the Destin, Ft Walton, Valparaiso, Navarre, Blue Water Bay, and Shalimar area. When our computers are delivered we have already taken the time to install all the latest Windows, spyware and anti-virus updates. A typical store machine can take up to 2 hours to setup, register and install all the latest updates.

When purchasing a computer from someone else, watch out for the following issues which can effect the performance of your machine. Low cost machines generally contain some of the following faults:

  • Shared Video Resources (shares RAM from the computer memory)
  • Low end Processors which reduce speed and information transfer
  • Mini Boards (Limited expansion slots)
  • Small cases and power supplies
  • Discounts that require contract requirements (There maybe a catch)
  • Remanufactured computers that are sold as new
  • Lack of Ram Memory
  • Windows 7, Windows 8  and Windows 10 require a minimum 4GB RAM to run effectively and  8GB preferably to run well
  • Installed Trial software that expires after 30, 60 or 90 days

We also provide a one year warranty with all our Sold refurbished and custom computers. Major manufacturer warranties are only good for one year unless they are extended.  The manufacturer warranties on internal parts are between one and five years.